The Johnson’s Speak…

Life Happens, writing doesn’t…

I’ve been working on this book off and on since the fall of 2015. I lived in Belize for almost 10 years with my first husband.

Life happens, and sometimes things that happen suck. I lost my first husband in January 2016, and writing my book became my existence – I wrote close to 40 chapters the first year after his death.

Then life happened again, and I moved on – I didn’t do any writing for a while, as I tried to start a new life. In late 2018, I moved back to the U.S. and started doing some editing – trying to get this book moving towards being ready to publish.

Early 2019, an amazing thing happened… I met (and soon married) an incredible man. He loved that I wanted to be a published writer. He and his son were aspiring writers as well.

Next thing – COVID hit. Ugh. Well, we all said F*** it and after I was laid off my day job, Wes took early retirement and Lucas came along so he could concentrate on his book. We moved to a beautiful Homestead in Central Eastern Arizona.

I won’t lie – Homesteading isn’t always easy – but, it’s OURS! We work for ourselves, and we can spend our “spare” time writing, reading, researching, well – we can do anything we like on our own property.

Now, we’re all trying to get back to writing again – after almost 2 years devoted to getting our Homestead pretty self sufficient, we can finally dedicate time to writing – and for me – working on our websites.

So, after writing this little history of us, please follow along on our writing journey’s. We’ll each be putting snippets of our work on our own pages, and keeping you updated with our current WIP – and soon, we’ll hopefully have at least 3 books to offer to you.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment – but, we monitor the comments, so don’t bother being rude or posting SPAM, it will be removed at our discretion!

Trying to write every day, when you live on a Homestead…

Hi everyone. We are full-time Homesteaders. We all love to write and that’s one thing that keeps this family healthy and happy – Homesteading and writing. We also do something we call “Storytime.”

We try to set aside one night a week, or whenever one of us has some writing done that we want to get each other’s input on. We sit and read a chapter, or even just a few paragraphs. We’ll give each other ideas, constructive criticism, or just support each other’s current WIP (Work in Progress.)

We have daily chores to do on the Homestead, and we often have Homestead projects to work on – so we don’t always get the chance to just spend the day writing.

IF you’re interested in finding out more about our Homestead, please visit our site: to see what we’re up to at home.