Trying to write every day, when you live on a Homestead…

Hi everyone. We are full-time Homesteaders. We all love to write and that’s one thing that keeps this family healthy and happy – Homesteading and writing. We also do something we call “Storytime.”

We try to set aside one night a week, or whenever one of us has some writing done that we want to get each other’s input on. We sit and read a chapter, or even just a few paragraphs. We’ll give each other ideas, constructive criticism, or just support each other’s current WIP (Work in Progress.)

We have daily chores to do on the Homestead, and we often have Homestead projects to work on – so we don’t always get the chance to just spend the day writing.

IF you’re interested in finding out more about our Homestead, please visit our site: to see what we’re up to at home.


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